Recap: Friday, September 30th

This past Friday night we were back in the Jr. High room (our regular meeting spot) and wrapped up our CrossFit series. This series has been going on for the past 5 weeks and it has taught us a lot about our weaknesses and God's strengths!

But first, a little welcome and worship.

Jessica R. came up and gave us an invite to be a part of the Christmas Choir for The Bridge. The choir will be performing on the stage on Dec 23rd at The Bridge (Friday night) as well as during Christmas caroling (South Torrance) in mid-December. You can sign up on Friday nights and the practices will start in Dec. 

Stacie shared two fundraisers that will be going on in the month of October. See the posters below for more details! Deadline for both is October 30th. Don't forget to bring your donated items and money this coming Friday. 

The last message of the series was AWESOME! We looked at the temptations in Jesus' life and how He combatted the enemy with scriptures. He was the greatest example of strength through constraining His own power (holding back) and meekness (gentleness). 

It was a full house. We love when all the seats are filled in the house of God. 

We ended the night singing Happy Birthday in English and Spanish to two of the ladies. Come out next week as we have a new message and will meet at the same time and place.

Have a wonderful week!