Recap: Small Groups Dinner {The Green Olive}

Wednesday night, December 14th, we had a delicious dinner at The Green Olive with our small groups. It was a celebration of another great semester, and a time to reflect on God's faithfulness to us during the past few months.

Small groups met up once a month in September, October and November. Each time we had a chance to share what God was doing in our lives that week, day and moment and seek out His direction for our lives. Gathering together brought us closer and allowed each of us to be encouraged as we walk with Jesus and one another.

It was great to catch up with the ladies: Kat, Darline, Stacie, Adrienne and Queena.

A bunch of the dudes came out too: Jovanni, Paul, Nick, Andres, Steven, Aurturo, Nash, Tam, Sal and Cesar.

The food was outstanding! Chicken, Beef, Kofta and Gyro.

The meat was tender and the flavors popped. We ate it all up including the chocolate chip cookies!

After dinner, the leaders shared a word of encouragement to the guys and the ladies separately. It was a nice time of reflection on the past semester and past year.

We made sure to snap a group picture before we headed home for the night. We all had a super time being together and sharing in our thankfulness for how good God is in our lives.

Small groups will resume in January. We will post the information on the blog soon.