RECAP: Friday, July 22nd

Here're some moments from Friday's Bridge gathering. This was the third message in our Real Love series. You can find the full message on the media tab, along with the prior two messages in this series. 

Sign in on our iPad at our welcome table (if it's your first visit) and grab a name tag!

A few of the ladies (Noella, Adrienne, Tai, Chloe and Brittney) set up before we started, and sipped on some honey boba drinks to stay cool.

Christine, Queena and Dominic led a lovely worship set, along with T on the cajon. 

Meet and greet time! Here is where we introduce ourselves and make new friends. 

We showed a cool video from Arlen, Jess and Thomas who were on a mission trip to India, to share the love of Jesus. They encouraged us to get into God's Word and put our faith into action (which is exactly what they were doing)! 

Anthony "T" shared a message on what the Bible says regarding dating, courting, and living pure. He had us laughing, nodding along and jotting down some seriously good quotes. "Your level of intimacy should match your level of commitment" and "A woman's heart must be so hidden in God that a man has to seek Him to find her". Boom. 

After our meeting, we gathered by the food table to sing happy birthday to three of our friends Jeff, Paul and Tai. Can you believe they were all born on the same day (July 22nd) in the same YEAR? What are the chances? They all turned 25. Quarter of a century!

We included our other July born folks too and devoured some seriously good chocolate cupcakes. Thanks for bringing those Jeff!