RECAP: Friday, August 12th, Summer Night of Worship

We had a special event this past Friday night! It was a collaboration of the Singles Ministry, called Six33 and The Bridge, for a night of worship and fellowship. 

We set up a table at the back of the sanctuary, so folks could sign in and learn about The Bridge ministry. We had about 10 new people come out! 

Noel taste tested the pizza and said it was pretty yummy! He gave it a thumbs up (Eden too).

Jose, Leo, Anthony, Paul and Thomas were excited for the event. 

Adrienne brought her friends from childhood and elementary school. How cool is that?

Eli Jennings led a beautiful worship set for the evening. We truly were brought into the presence of God. 

Pastor Randolph Ochoa from Calvary Coastline LA shared on John 12, about Jesus being anointed at Bethany as a sign of worship. He emphasized that worship will always cost us something, and will almost always be followed by criticism—but Jesus is always worth it!

Leo, Pastor Randolph and "T" are all great friends and have served alongside one another in ministry for the past five years.

We had homemade chocolate chip cookies, lots of sweetened coffee drinks, pizza, chicken and rice and beef (thanks Jackie)!

After the time of worship and the message, we all hung out, getting to know one another and reflecting on how good God is and has been in our lives. 

Thanks to everyone who came out on Friday, we really enjoyed seeing you all!