RECAP: Friday, August 19th

Friday night we were challenged to be "Mission Minded" and heed God's Word from Matthew 28 where He commands, "Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations..."

After a great time of worship, seriously energetic announcements by Jose, and a few minutes of saying hello, we got right into the Bible study.

T shared tips on how we can share the Gospel with others:

  • Brokenness precedes usefulness; Be a willing vessel 
  • Have a burden; Come to a place where your heart breaks for the things that breaks God's heart
  • Spend time in God's Word so that you can share it with others
  • Let the Holy Spirit use you so you'll know what to say

We then had Jessica, Arlen, Andrew and Thomas come to the stage and share about their recent mission trip to India. They shared encouraging words about facing the fear of evangelism, and challenges they faced sharing about Jesus in India. They also shared the amazing work that God had done in their lives and those in that nation. It was great to hear real life examples of followers of Christ who are putting their faith into action. 

Before we closed for the night, we prayed for Drew to commission him as he is heading out next week to Patmos, a four month discipleship program/school. 

And then we stuffed our face with PIE! YUM. This box was filled with scrumptious nutella banana hand pies. 

It was such a fun night! Thanks to everyone who came out. Head to our media page to hear the message and see you next Friday for the Harvest Crusade!