OC FAIR {August 7th}

On Sunday, we met up at church for a fun-filled day at the OC Fair. About half of the group were fair first timers! We circled up, said a prayer of thanks and got into our caravan of cars on the 405 South towards Costa Mesa.

It was a beautiful afternoon, and we arrived in the late afternoon (4:30pm) to avoid mid-day heat. Although it was still a warm 80 degrees, there was a slight breeze keeping us cool. We slapped on our sunscreen and shades and were good to go.

Once we got past the ticket booth and the security lines, we gathered up for a group picture. We also had a few more friends join up with us later in the day. In total, we had over 20 folks!

And of course, and important first stop was the fried desserts booth. We shared fried Oreos and a fried Twinkie. Talk about sweet!

We cruised around a bit, navigating through the crowds, enjoying the sights and decided what would be our next stop.

Just before 6pm, everyone was super hungry for dinner so we all split up to grab food and then met at some tables and all dined together.

Folks bought some good grub: gyros, flatbread, chili fries, pulled pork sandwiches, grilled corn, and funnel cake. Fair food was not cheap, but it sure was delicious.


Louie and Theresa smiled for a photo.

Cousins Brittney and Tai were having a grand 'ol time.

Stacie, Eden and Jackie were stuffed full after dinner.

Justin, Cinthia and Erick adopted Chloe for their family photo at the Chuckwagon station.

Christine and Chloe took Eden on her first Chuckwagon ride.

Darline and Caesar joined up with us just in time to get some fries and head to the GAMES!

One could end up spending a lot of money on these games, but man, are they fun. T won his daughter Lenya a prize!

Teayah bought a "1 carrot" necklace. Get it?

Then, the brave half of the group then went on some RIDES. We could barely see them up in the sky (for those of us who stayed grounded) but we could hear their screams!

To round out the night, some of us dared to go inside the petting zoo. There were very aggressive goats trying to eat the animal food, and one even ate Chloe's dress!

Once the sun set, we called it a night and headed home. It was a wonderful day, with lots of good food and friends and we look forward to going back next year!