Recap: January 12th

Marcely and Jeff Wenda graced us with their presence as worship leaders on Friday night. I love how the wife and husband team (plus their little girls) brought us to a sweet place of worship with our God. 

Christine, Emily and Adrienne greeted folks as they walked in. 

Meet and greet time!

T shared a message, which was part four of his series on Who Is Jesus? This message was called: Death Defeater; Life Giver and was based on John 11. He spoke of the resurrection of Jesus, and how that gives us LIFE and ETERNAL HOPE. 

Once again we had a fantastic spread of food: meatball tortellini soup, macarons, hand made scones and fresh berries. YUM. 

We closed the night with a few songs, and everyone hung out after for a bit. It was a special night with good friends and an encouraging word from God. 

Try to make it this Friday night as we'll be in the MPR again at 7:30pm and going through part SIX of the series. See you soon!