Recap: January 6th

We kicked off the new year with our first Friday night meeting. It felt great to be back together in the MPR doing what we get the privilege to do every Friday night. 

Christine, Noella, Queena and Justin lead us through a sick worship set. 

Demetria and Deanna did a great job of welcoming everyone as they came in. 

Adrienne gave a warm welcome to one of our new friends. 

Food was a plenty and this week's menu was spicy dumpling soup, lasagne, bacon wrapped sausages, rice krispies and macrons. And of course, COFFEE. 

We sang about God's grace being enough...I hope that is something we can really understand and hold onto. 

Our friends Arturo, Ericka and Thomas shared about the upcoming Backyard Mission Trip that will be on January 21st (Sat 8am-3pm in Venice) and the meeting this Wednesday, January 11th at 7pm upstairs in classroom A. They told about the exciting opportunity you can have to share about Jesus out in public, and bodly proclaim Him as your Savior and Lord of your life. Email us if you have any questions about the meeting or event. 

T gave a great message about God being the DOOR to God and the GOOD SHEPHERD in our lives. He shared from John 10 and Psalm 139 and the message will be up soon on the media tab. 

Have a blessed week and cling to God, daily. Pray to Him and ask for HIS strength and grace to get you through any challenges or temptations. See you next Friday, same time and place!