Recap: February 3rd

Friday night was a blessed night. Thanks to all who came out!

Look at the happy smiles on the dude's faces (Erick, Justin, Nelson + Caiden, Sal, Arlen, T and Paul).

Deanna, Jessica W., Stacie and Demetria chatted it up over a bowl of beef stew and rice, before the worship began. 

Queena and Stacie were twinning!

The worship team led us in a lovely worship set and help set our hearts right to receive the Word from God. 

But first a little meet and greet time. 

T started a brand new series called, FOLLOW ME with a message from Luke 9 called: "An Open Invitation" (you can hear the message on the media page). 

We closed out the night with fellowship and had to usher everyone out by 10pm. We just love to hang out together and can't get enough!

Oh and Noella made a deeelicious dish of arroz con leche...YUM. 

See you all next week, same time, same place (7:30pm in the MPR).