Recap: March 10th

We had a great time Friday night in the MPR. At 7:30pm folks started to roll in and say hello to one another. 

Queena, Demitria and Justin let us in a solid worship set, which included the song "What A Beautiful Name"

Then it was meet and greet time. 

Justin shared announcements including our upcoming retreat at the end of the month. See our retreat tab on the blog for the details and agenda. 

Thanks to everyone who signed up already and saved their spot. We are still taking sign ups next Friday, March 17th. 

After T shared a message from the FOLLOW ME series, everyone hung out ate food (pasta, Rascals salad, pizza and cookies) late into the night. Pretty smiles from Emily, Teaya, Angelina and Demitria. 

The dudes were all smiles too: Darrin, T, Jose and Arlen. 

Hi Mark and Raul!

Tai, Noella, Brittney and Sunny hung out and spent some time catching up. 

Arturo, Nash and  Paul signed up for the retreat, yay!

Here are the folks who showed up wearing their Bridge t-shirts. They are still on sale for $12 each!

Justin and Cinthia Boston spent a few minutes watching the (wild) kids at the end of the night. 

Everyone always has a nice time chatting after the meeting. 

So much that no one wanted to leave at 10pm!

It was a great night overall. We'll see you all back next Friday, March 17th at the same time and place!