RECAP: April 21st

Friday night we had an awesome time in the MPR. Noella made a delicious pot of spicy sausage and kale soup, YUM.

Our worship set was led by Diamond and Josh and it was a really special time of singing our praises to God. 

Anthony "T" shared a message that kicked off a new series called, "GIANTS OF THE FAITH." He went over a passage from Hebrews chapter 11 that gave us a description of examples in the Old Testament of characters that displayed great faith. 

What an encouragement it was to hear about how we can increase our faith my exercising it like a muscle.

We wrapped up the evening with the song GIVE ME FAITH and it was a great way to pray and sing to our God. 

After the worship, we hung out, ate some yummy potluck food and caught up with one another. We had lots of laughter, good conversation and left feeling so full in our tummies and hearts.

Join us next Friday night as we get into part two of our GIANTS OF THE FAITH series.