Recap: April 7th

Friday night we met back in the MPR after being in different locations the past few weeks. It was nice to gather there and start the night with a beautiful worship set. 

Anthony "T" gave a message relating to Palm Sunday, titled, "What's Your Passion?" He shared from Luke 19:28-40 detailing Jesus Christ's triumphant yet humble entry into Jerusalem before his death. 

At the end of the message, he called up the men and women who will be on the April backyard mission trip (April 21-23rd) to share about Jesus in our local communities. He prayed over the team and encouraged everyone to follow their passions and live them out for Jesus. 

It was a great and encouraging night. We closed out the evening with hanging out, eating yummy food and catching up with one another. 

REMEMBER: There is NO Bridge meeting on Friday, April 14th as we will join the rest of the church in the MAIN SANCTUARY for Good Friday Service at 7:30pm.