Recap: June 23rd

Friday night we had an awesome time, as we always do. Noella gave us a warm welcome and some announcements (that you can find on our events tab) including a hike on July 1st and Kayaking on July 15th. 

We had a really sweet worship set led by Christine, Demitria and Queena with T on the cajon. 

T continued part 7 of the GIANTS OF THE FAITH SERIES, which has been our longest running series yet. This week's message was about the life of MOSES and how he remained faithful to God and heard His voice throughout his life. 

One of the points in the message was about fearing man and his opinion over fearing God and His opinion of us. It is a true challenge to live and act to please God versus man. 

We ended with closing worship and then had some GRUB. 

We continued the graduation celebrations by celebrating Adrienne and her son Jeremiah. They both graduated recently (her from a dental program and him from preschool) and her parents brought Filipino food and cupcakes to share with us all. 

I love it when family brings family out to The Bridge. Here is Julie (far left and her two cousins)!

Some of the dudes who come out to hear God's Word and make new friendships. 

Chloe, Sarah and Kat were catching up on how their week went. 

We have lots of friendly faces at The Bridge, come out and join us next Friday!