Recap: July 14th

Friday night was really a great evening. It started with the worship team circling for prayer on the stage (looks like Lenya got in there too!)

Friends started arriving just before 7:30pm. 

A few new ladies joined us that night, thanks for coming out ladies!

The night began with a beautiful worship set, reminding us of God's amazing grace. 

T started a NEW series called" THE ESSENTIALS, which will cover basics of our faith. The first message was about the BIBLE and it's validity. 

At the end of the night we closed up with a bit more worship and then sang Happy Birthday to a few of our pals. 

Jess and Steph enjoyed some Portos cake!

We wrapped up the night by 10pm and a group headed to In N Out to continue hanging out. We'll see you all next Friday night. Just as a note, we'll be in the Atrium/Fellowship Hall next Friday, July 21st. See you then and God bless you this week!