Kayaking Outing [Long Beach]

Saturday we ventured outdoors to enjoy some sunshine with our Bridge family. We had wanted to do this activity for a while and it was the first time for many folks. We caravanned over to Long Beach, found parking and picked out the perfect beach spot. 

The weather was in the upper 70's and there was a cool breeze blowing, making for the perfect day. 

Ladies and gents arrived...and a dog too!

Stacie and Anthony brought some food to energize everyone before the workout. Giulianos sandwiches, fresh fruit and Hawaiian chips, YUM!

The beach wasn't too crowded, the water was warm and it was a beautiful setting. 

Here is most of the crew that went out on kayaks. I think a total of 17 people went out in single and double kayaks. 

Thomas, Arlen, Chris and Christian put on their sunscreen and hats before heading out on the water. 

Ladies photo op!

Everyone who kayaked went out for one hour and came back with buffer arms and huge smiles!

What a great activity with the Bridge family. Until the next event!