Recap: July 7th

Friday night we had an awesome time in the MPR. Thanks to everyone who came out, and for those who didn't check out our night. 

We opened with a sweet time of worship with music. A group of High School students led us through a few songs and brought us to a great place in the presence of God. 

Just after worship it was time to say hello to one another and meet someone new. 

Arturo gave us some exciting announcements including our upcoming events and practical ways you can apply your faith. 

T gave a challenging message as he wrapped up the GIANTS OF THE FAITH series. He shared on those mentioned in Hebrews 11 which is called "The Hall of Faith" and explained how although sinners, each of the persons mentioned was recognized by God because of his/her faith in God. 

We ended the night with another song or two and then sang Happy Birthday to July birthday folks and closed out the night. 

Kazue carried a cake down the aisle as we sang HBD to our friends!

After the meeting we had about 30 minutes to hang out, eat cake, get to know one another and enjoy the night. 

We'll see everyone next Friday night in the MPR at 7:30pm!