Recap: March 17th

Friday night, God's beautiful handiwork was displayed in the clouds! It poured on us as we left church, but it didn't keep us from gathering together to hear from Him. 


We met in the MPR and Cinthia + Harley headed up the sound booth. Cutest helper ever!


Just before 7:30pm, folks checked in at the welcome table, got a new welcome packet and a warm greeting. 


The night's message was AWESOME. T shared on giving with a willing and cheerful heart and viewing tithe and offering and a privilege to give to God. Too often we give out of guilt or pressure, rather than respect and honor. 

Screen Shot 2018-03-17 at 8.06.18 AM.png

At the close of the night we also passed out index cards to receive prayer requests for our prayer meeting coming up on Monday, 3/19 at Noella's house. It was a beautiful way to wrap up the night. 


After the meeting ended, we had PIZZA! 


See you all next week!