Recap: August 31st

Friday night we gathered together to learn about God, and see what He had for each of us. After a busy week with the start of school, long work hours, hours spent at a coffee shop applying for jobs, raising tiny children, doing chores, and prepping and eating meals with our family, it's nice to come together at church and recharge our souls. 

God knows our needs! Often times a great need we have is for friendship. The Bridge is place for us to connect with Jesus and make friends that are our age. It is a place to BELONG. 


Emily led us in a beautiful time of worship. 


T came up and shared the next message of our Grown Up series. This study is from the book of James, chapter 5, where God tells us about the wealth of this world versus eternal wealth in Him. 


He had some great points that convicted hearts and challenged us in our spending and use of money. 


This is where we meet every Friday night, in the Multi-Purpose Room (MPR). 


At the end of our meeting, we had cake and ice cream to celebrate Jessica and Kat's birthdays. 


It was a great night! Thanks to all who came and we will see you each next Friday!